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Angella from Dutch Blitz

Angella is a Canadian Mom of three, and Wife of one.  She is an accountant by trade who has become passionate about both writing and photography.  Her site has been a place for her to experiment with both, and to allow her to be part of an amazing community of people. 

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Jenny Motley from Crash Test Mommy

Jenny shares the saucy, sassy, sometimes serious tales of her life as the suburban mother of four kids (ages 15, 13, 5, and 3; boy, girl, girl, girl) and the wife of a former-Marine-turned-cop. Her motto is, "What other people think of me is none of my business." When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading, crafting, or thrifting. (she has Etsy shops for her crafting and thrifting. Just so you know.) 

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Velma from A Smeddling Kiss

Velma lives with her family on Cape Cod, where she attempts to blend in with the normal folk.  She sucks at writing these short little bio things, because it takes a large amount of fancy words to convey the magnificent complexity that is her life.  She has a son on the autistic spectrum, a husband who spends most of his waking hours fighting cancer, and a daughter who is like most 8 year old girls – charming and delightful to everyone but her mother.  (Velma also seriously considered saying "a buttload of fancy words" in that earlier sentence, but wants you to think she is classy.) 

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Chelise Stroud Hery from Chel in the Land of ZNE

Chelise is a professional mixed media artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In addition to being a whimsical artisan whose work is collected by patrons worldwide, Chelise also has extensive experience providing art and art-business related workshops.  She is known for being a talented and enganging speaker.

You can also find Chelise at www.ZNEart.com and www.ZNEcon.com

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Kelby_carr_1213114106140 Kelby Carr from KelbyCarr.com

Kelby Carr is a freelance writer, SEO expert, foodie, social networking
chick, travel junkie and former biz-cops-political-investigative newspaper
journalist turned hardcore mommy blogger. She operates a network of parenting
web sites including Type-A Mom ( http://typeamom.net ), Foodie Mama ( http://foodiemama.com ), momShare ( http://momshare.net , a Digg for moms) and the
beta Dadosphere ( http://dadosphere.com ).
She’s been geeking it out on computers since she was 10 (and you had to use an
audio tape to run software), and she’s been web publishing and networking since
the early 1990s (when she had to create pages from code in Notepad).

Type-A Mom – http://typeamom.net
Foodie Mama – http://foodiemama.com
momShare – http://momShare.net

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Lightenings_blogworld_1213112922429 Lightening from Lightening’s

Lightening has been blogging for a little over a year and in that time has
become quite passionate about blogs and blogging.  Earlier this year she began
her second blog, focusing on simple blogging tips, discussions on blogging issues
and highlighting other blogs and blog posts.  She also has a personal blog at Lightening Online.

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Tech & Meta also edited by Arianne from To Think is To Create
(see Overcoming Adversity below for bio)



Slackermama_com_1213113651809 Marilyn from slackermama.com

Marilyn is a 30-something stay at home mom to two boys and a baby girl and
hopelessly addicted to blogs, her own especially!  She writes about her kids, of
course, but also her life and whatever else catches her fancy.

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Amanda from The Wink

Living life in the Adirondacks as a working mom to
three daughters under 4 and married to a small business owner. Never dull, often unglamorous, but more often than not it’s bliss…sticky bliss. I’m Amanda.

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Ashlee from Mama’s Nest

Ashlee is the creator of Mama Speaks, owns nest (nest Baby Sling), blogs at Mama’s Nest and Tasty Vegan and is a serious Twitter junkie.. Mama of one darling boy, a 28
week early bird, now 2 and some change, she lives
near Chicago with her sweetheart husband (who happens to be an amazing
tattooist). She’s a thinker not afraid to get her
silly on. Babywearer, veggie queen, photography nut. Before the
domestic days Ashlee was pursuing a future in developmental psychology
but has happily shifted gears in favor of staying at home and couldn’t
imagine doing anything else.

Blog: http://thismamasnest.com
Shop: http://nestbabysling.com/
Review: http://www.mamaspeaks.com/

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MommyTime from Mommy’s Martini

MommyTime started
blogging to take the edge off those moments when parenting a toddler
and a preschooler feels like trying to put a snowsuit on an octopus.
Her needs in life are simple: books, spirited discussions, and the
perfect chocolate martini.  Her other job is literature professor; in
her spare time, she is a successful domestic MacGyver.

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Dr. Karen Rayne from Adolescent Sexuality by Dr. Karen Rayne

Dr. Karen Rayne works with teenagers and parents to open the doors to
increased understanding and communication about sex and sexuality
within the home.  Karen’s daily blog is ostensibly a blog for parents
about adolescent sexuality, but has ended up covering a wide range of
related topics and appeals to lots of people.

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Lara David from Life: The Ongoing Education

Lara David is a 20-something blogger working as a nanny in
Northern California.  When she’s not running after her two adorable charges, Lara can be found swing dancing, shopping for shoes, ordabbling in her latest hobby – photography.  Her blog, Life: The Ongoing Education, is an open window to her life in all its glory, from the serious to the silly.  Life is all about learning, so stop by and read along with her journey – you just might learn something.

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Amie Adams from Mamma Loves…

Raising three boys with her husband in
the same Northern Virginia suburb where he grew up, Amie Adams maintains
a sneaking suspicion that her in-laws are enjoying the fact that she
is enduring the same little league politics that they survived oh so
many years ago.  When not at work as a political consultant or
on the ball field, she’s trying to become a gardening guru because
she’s given up on ever being able to keep the inside of her house

Amie started her personal blog, Mamma Loves…,  in 2006 as a place to dump the random thoughts
floating through her head.  The unexpected side effect was an introduction
to a community of incredible people and a much lighter, humorous perspective
on life.  In all her spare time, Amie also writes at
DC Metro Moms and serves as an editor to Kirtsy.  Oh yeah, she hangs out on Twitter too. 

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Amy Turn Sharp from doobleh-vay

Amy has recently left her
career in education to write her first novel and assist her dreamy
British carpenter hubby in his passion for restoring old homes.
Pneumatic nail guns and miter saws surround her, her house is always
under reno, but she is happy. She tracks her life on her blog and
strives to find creative activities and cool ideas for her two wee
ones Finn and Blaise. She loves to re-purpose vintage children’s
furniture and at all times has at least 7 projects brewing. Her goal in
life at this point is to have an essay on NPR. She really likes
radishes, spoonerisms, and chicken korma.

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Tracy from The Inspired Family

The Inspired Family is where Tracy, writer and
photographer (www.tracyconneryphotography.com), but primarily wife and mother of three: two boy maniacs, 9 and 6; and
one girl maniac, aged 4; keep record of the various aspects of her family
life. For better or worse, they are a crazy homeschooling lot living in the
Canadian Rockies where they ski, boat, swim in hot mineral springs and their nearby
lake, triathlon and travel.  Whether they’re screaming, laughing, or
babbling senselessly in tongues(that would be Tracy), theirs is an inspired
life, warts, farts and all….

Tracy also writes a homeschool blog called Pluttification.

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Liz from Three Bright Stars

Thrilling adventures of a homemaker and mother of two. Topics include family mismanagement, parenting mistakes, marriage conundrums, cooking catastrophes, errant housekeeping, and heavy drinking, as much as possible. Indulging in politics, for the levity.

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Soapbox Mom from Soapbox Mom

A blogger, podcaster and mother of two, Soapbox Mom loves video games,
gadgets, books, music and movies.  A lawyer who once worked in the most
powerful corridors or power in our nation’s capital, she walked away
from it all to raise her kids.  She believes parents need to find ways
to have fun when parenting.  She plays with her kids and stays on top
of all the latest game releases but also takes the time to read great
books and watch good movies.

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Entertainment also edited by catnip from catnip and coffee
(see Homemaking below for bio)



catnip from catnip and coffee

Catnip is a freelance photo editor working from home, while she
hangs out with her 5 year old son. She is a wannabe gardener, addicted
to tv and books,
and of course, frequent mommy blog lurker! Her own blog is a mix of
anything and everything in her crazy busy life.

Catnip also edits the Entertainment channel.

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SpoiledMom from SpoiledMom…  Happiness is Not Material

SpoiledMom is dedicated to family life;  women’s health issues,
primarily cancer; and her take on goings on in the news. She refers to it
as a "potpourri of my life".  Written with a sense of humor, a touch of
snark, love and maybe a tear, or two.

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Jacqueline Carly from Fitarella:  Fabulous Fit Living

Jacqueline Carly is an ex-eating disordered big girl turned
fitness fiend. With love & support from her family and friends
(and a very good therapist) she was able to conquer her disease. Now a
Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer
& Fitness Instructor she is determined & passionate about
sharing her knowledge about healthful living to help people transform
their lives. She is the founder of Fitarella.com, a community that is
spreading the word about living a healthy, fit, fun and full life.

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Tempered Woman from Tempered Woman

Complete foodie amateur who indulges in full fat baked goods, way too many cookbooks/ cooking magazines, and a tad too much red wine.  Currently in St. Louis, MO but military is shipping her family off to Denver, CO Fall 2008. Possible documentation of her slide into complete insanity. Or obesity. Whichever comes first.

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Angie Schumacher from Women’s Diet and Fitness

Angie is a Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping
others transform their bodies and reach their full potential when it
comes to nutrition and exercise! She loves to help others by blogging
about the latest fitness and nutrition information, while providing
them with secrets to help achieve their fitness goals!

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Deb from Missives from Suburbia

A full-time mom pursuing life, liberty and happiness amidst the
chaos of a home buried in diapers and dog hair.  A self-proclaimed
pregnancy expert (because she’s done it once before, you know), Deb
is expecting her second child in December and spends a lot of her spare
time wondering what she was thinking when she agreed to do this again.
It’s a good thing she doesn’t have a lot of spare time.  If you’ve got
a tale about the worst morning sickness in the history of mankind or
about that time you found hair growing on your… well, never mind
about that…  If you’ve pregnancy related blogging to share, drop her
an email at missivesfromsuburbia@gmail.com

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Marcie Pickelsimer from My Two Boys

Marcie is a former secondary education teacher with a Masters Degree in Reading and
Young Adult Literature. But none of that education could have prepared her for
her first son, a “special needs little guy with auditory, visual and sensory
processing disorders, food allergies and intolerances, heavy metal toxicity,
parasites and bacterias.” She’s a Chicago suburbanite at heart, returning to her
hometown of western Chicago with her husband in August of 2006 to raise their
two adopted children. AJ is from Arkhangelsk, Russia and the baby will join the
family soon from Guatemala. She writes at My Two Boys, A Child Chosen, and Discussing Autism.

Marcie also edits the Overcoming Adversity channel.

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Karen Bayne from needs new batteries

Karen is a birth
doula and independent childbirth educator. She is the co-operator of
Gentle Balance Birth, a collective of four women providing services to
moms during the transitional year of pregnancy and into new
motherhood.  On her blog, needs new batteries,
she writes about mothering 3 boys, parenting a special needs child,
being married to an artist, all things birthy, as well as matters of
conscience & faith for her, such as attempting to shrink the carbon
footprint of a suburban family of 5.

She and Matt are plotting an
excitement move to Northampton to better align some of their hopes and
dreams with the daily grind of raising a family and putting bread,
butter (and bacon) on the table. Karen has worked in birth for more than 5 years, mothered even longer and been writing since she was just out of toddlerhood.

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Heather from The Spohrs Are Multiplying

Not content with simply being a wife, daughter, pet owner, and occasional brunette, Heather wanted to add "mom" to her list of identifying labels.  Her daughter was born 11 weeks premature after The Pregnancy From Hades. She spent her first 68 days in intensive care, and has been in and out of the hospital ever since.  Heather’s blog chronicles her travels through hospital stays (her baby’s and her own) and the ups and downs of parenting, and will eventually be used against her when she burns down a doctor’s office in a fit of rage.

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Arianne from To Think is to Create

A Midwest transplant from Los Angeles, Arianne
is a former Paralegal turned freelance writer and mom of three boys.
She loves to challenge people to think and to educate themselves, all
the while throwing in a little snark for good fun.  An advocate for
natural health and green living, she fully embraces the “eco-mom”
title.   Her two oldest boys have autism, and their view on life
challenges inspires her every day.  With the baby on her hip and
the older boys in tow, she is on a mission to change the world…or at
least a few dirty diapers.
She can also be found writing at her personal blog, To Think Is To Create, her NWI Parent Magazine autism blog, Stop Looking At Me, and as a contributer for Chicago Moms Blog and Mama Speaks

Arianne also edits the Tech & Meta channel.

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Overcoming Adversity is also edited by Marcie from My Two Boys
(see Pregnancy, Birth, Adoption above for bio)

as well as Michele from Sparks and Butterflies
(see Religion & Philosophy below for bio)


Robin from PENSIEVE

Married for over 20 years to her college sweetheart, Robin
is mom to two teens and a tween, remarkable since she’s still "35". A former marketing professional, she finds
blogging fills a creative void, or at a minimum, provides a stage for her
exhibitionist tendencies. She’s a
devoted fan of laughter, thunderstorms, the beach, tiramisu, Ben & Jerry’s
Chocolate Fudge Brownie, sweet tea, Dancing with the
Stars ("Don’t judge me!") and Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies. She’s allergic to tomatoes, dusting,
vacuuming, slasher flicks, sky diving and bungee jumping—which flies in the
face of her of her "carpe diem" spirit.  ClickClick if you wanna know more.

When she calls herself a Jesus Freak, she means she’s
doin’ her best to love God & love others–which means a thousand more things.  Her faith today looks very different from her faith ten years ago, and slowly she’s understanding what it means to "live under grace, not law".  Robin’s editor’s picks will include a wide range of authors, some with whom she won’t agree, but always with the goal of getting you to think.

Visit PENSIEVE and you’ll
find she’s Queen of the Ellipses and Princess of Exclamations…don’t
even think about robbing her of the title!!!

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Heather A. Goodman from L’Chaim

Heather A. Goodman is a writer and speaker. Her passion is to incarnate
Christ’s love to the hurting through story, through art, and as the
Church.  She enjoys tea every afternoon, tortures herself with Pilates, and has
a penchant for breaking out into song and dance. She loves wiggling her
toes in sand.  And she’s addicted to books.

Her blog, L’Chaim, is dedicated to the Creator, his creation, and the dance of life.

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Michele from Sparks and Butterflies

Blogging since the dinosaur days of notepad and ftp to the aol free server space (14 years), Michele writes at Sparks and Butterflies and Butterviews.  She’s a closet hermit, wife, mother, and called "unique" (along with air quotes) by all who know her.

Michele also edits the Overcoming Adversity channel.

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Megan Jordan from Velveteen Mind 

Megan thinks she has an extra 14 hours in every day.  Her two
toddler boys and busy husband beg to differ.  So does she as soon as
the coffee wears off.
Nevertheless, she loves blogging and adores
the blogging community.  That’s how Blog Nosh Magazine was conceived.
Well, that along with a bottle of rum.

Read her here (as editor-in-chief and publisher), there, and elsewhere:   

Velveteen Mind
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Contributing Elsewhere: 

Deep South Moms Blog : a sister site of Silicon Valley Moms Blog network
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