Our Letterbox Adventure

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Are you familiar with Letter-boxing?

I wrote about our failed attempt a while ago. Feel free to read about it while I describe our latest excursion.

In a continuing effort to keep the boys from spending 20 hours a
day having their brains sucked dry via electronic devices, we
re-checked the Letter-boxing site to discover the addition of a box buried not far from our home.

The boys welcomed the chance, after a thunder storm, to hop in the car and go in search of said Letterbox.

note: Youngest came downstairs dressed in full pirate
regalia, Middle rejected this costume as “silly,” Youngest reacted by
being appropriately pouty and left his wooden pirate gun, hook and hat at home. His spirits lifted shortly after we pulled out of the driveway.)

With directions in hand, we drove about three miles to a park nearby….

We took turns going over the instructions once we got to the park.
There was some discussion of interpretation but we guessed we’d figure
it out as we went along.


We walked past the dog park and into a wooded area.


It was damp and cool (remember the thunder storm?) and slightly uphill.

find the fence

We followed the paved path long enough for me to feel slightly
winded as IT WAS UPHILL and began searching the landscape for a wrought
iron fence.

up the hill

Just around a curve and up another hill we spotted it -

the remnants of a fence from an estate.We turned left and traveled further into the woods and higher on
the hill. At one point we came across a larger fence separating the
park from houses and had to double back. We had forgotten to look for
the tree with the white rectangle on it…

tree with square

having spotted the tree, we started to get excited.

Maybe there WOULD be a box hidden in the location we were searching.

100 paces

Our next instruction was to walk 100 paces up the hill into the woods.

the woods


We were pretty excited at this point as we spied the rock mentioned in the directions.

tree like a <span class=

It wasn’t far from the tree shaped like a vee….

And there, just next to the rock, covered with sheets of bark -

bark marks the spot


we found it!

<span class=

It was carefully wrapped in a zip bag and contained a pen, a notebook and a stamp and stamp pad.

<span class=

There were a couple of years worth of stamps and notes and signatures from people who had visited.

Middle signs

We left our marks and made some notes – Youngest wrote about not
being allowed to wear his pirate equipment and I left my blog address,
and then we stood and talked about where we were and reveled in our

heading back

We headed out of the cool wet woods and back towards the trail,

the bottom of which was blocked by a long, locked board.

blocked trail

We stopped to read some old looking graffiti – about Erica and Phil.

<span class=

I’ll flip it so you can read it too -

<span class=


4…A WHILE!!!



adding to <span class=

Middle drew an arrow toward the word LIFE and wrote: GET ONE.

So much for “leave no trace” adventures in the woods.

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9 Comments to “Our Letterbox Adventure”

  1. Lucrecia says:

    Thanks for the reminder of this – I’d heard about it a while back and promplty forgot. I was always intrigued with Geocaching but did not want to have to purchase the GPS system without knowing for sure my kids would enjoy it. We will be trying this soon!

  2. amy

    yay! Isn’t it fabulous? I love it!!!!

  3. That’s quite an adventure. We found one of those boxes by accident one time. My mom knew what it was but I’d never heard of it. I went to the site and surprise….there are boxes hidden around here.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. T with Honey says:

    I’ve been tempted to try letterboxing before. It was a small thrill to read about them finding the box that I find my curiosity piqued again. Off to check if there are any near my house.

  5. I really really wish I had known about this at the beginning of Summer! I can’t believe all the boxes that are lurking around where we lived. Daughter will get such a kick out of this for sure~ thanks!

  6. Letterboxing is so much fun – I haven’t done it since my oldest, now 5, was a wee babe in arms. I placed three in a big wooded park near our previous home but that park is on the not-so-great side of town and all three boxes were stolen – one of them twice (I replaced it after the first time it was taken). Besides the pen, notebook, stamp & stamp pad, I put in pre-addressed post cards (that went to a PO box I already had for other purposes) and it was really fun to get post cards from people who had found the boxes. I also went and checked the notebooks periodically and got some e-mail addresses from there & wrote those people back to tell them I liked the stamps they had made. Oh yeah, the friend who introduced me to letterboxing and I were both interested intitially because we’re both crafty and thought it would be super fun to carve our own stamps out of erasers or linoblock. There are instructions on the letterboxing website for how to do that.

  7. We love letterboxing! Looks like this was a cool journey.

  8. Melizzard says:

    I have never heard of this before and now I think I have a new obsession for me and Puddin. I can promise you one thing though.. there will be no talking her out of her pirate gear!

    • Arunprakaash

      missmusic31701 on April 25, 2011 @cookieking3 We had a Tornado Warning at my school this year (2010) becsuae in Louisville, we had a Tornado and we were trying to be safe. We had to crouch down for 1 hour straight and my friend Elizabeth was crying becsuae she could barely breath.