We Need Fresh Meat: New Channels call for new Channel Editors!


Sometimes I am simply madly in love with this magazine.  Blog Nosh Magazine has changed the way I read blogs, as I now approach the internet as one massive This American Life story.  On my better days, I so fancy myself as Ira Glass.  (tongue firmly planted in cheek, thank you.) So many different perspectives, so much to find, opening my eyes to stories I may never have heard before if it were not for blogs.  If it were not for your willingness to open your lives to us.

Our goal for Blog Nosh Magazine is to deliver as many diverse perspectives as possible, across numerous topics and genres, many of which you may never have been exposed to in your daily reading, let alone daily real life.  This is made possibly by the work of our Channel Editors, of which we have close to 40.  But even with a team that size, it is still not enough.

We need more.  We need more eyes.  More minds.  More guts.  More hearts.

I am proud to announce that we are accepting new editors for a handful of existing and upcoming channels, including:


  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Fiction & Poetry
  • Personal Finance
  • Military
  • Green Living (branching off from Homemaking)
  • Business (a current channel in need of fresh voices)
  • Politics (particularly in need of moderate voices)
  • Travel & Expats (branching from Entertainment)
  • Food (branching from Health & Fitness)


What does a Channel Editor do? Briefly, a Channel Editor is simply a blogger (or avid blog reader) with a targeted interest in a specific genre.  If you read a lot of blogs in a specific topic, can spot an awesome post a mile away, and aren’t shy about contacting strangers and grabbing hold of the megaphone to promote those bloggers, you are qualified to be a Channel Editor.

Channel Editors contribute, on average, two posts a month, which entails finding posts, reading submissions, contacting bloggers for permission to republish their post in full, and then formatting that post for Blog Nosh Magazine.  You are not writing original content; you are delivering content that was originally published on personal blogs and has since grown dusty in the archives.

In all, your time commitment runs approximately 2-3 hours a month, not including your regular blog reading.  There is no pay, but there is great exposure and a strong hold in the community.

If you are interested in being a Channel Editor for one of the channels listed above or one of our existing channels, please contact us below. While most of our current channels are saturated right now, others are always in need of new voices.  For instance, are you a Political wonk?  We need you for Politics!  Read a lot of tech and gadget blogs?  Contact us!

If you have already contacted me for a Channel Editor position, hang in there.  I have a backlog of applications to wade through, but even that won’t be enough to fill our needs as we gear up for these new channels and the redesigned site launch.

Speaking of wading through…  Despite all of the hard work by our current editors (or maybe due to their hard work?), Blog Nosh Magazine sometimes gets out of hand for me as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.  It could not be more fun and exciting, but it does tend to be a lot of hard work.  As such, I am proud to announce that we have brought in some assistance to help me manage some of this wading…

Please join me in welcoming

Jennifer from Playgroups Are No Place for Children
as the new Managing Editor of Blog Nosh Magazine!

Playgroups_are_no_place_for_childreJennifer’s personal blog is incredibly well-established, respected, informative and hilarious.  She has written for a number of group blogs and networks and is always in high demand.  But she is ours now!  (insert wicked cackle)

Jennifer and I share much the same outlook regarding quality blog content, so I am confident that she will make a fabulous addition to our team.  In fact, it was with Jennifer that I first started hatching the idea for Blog Nosh, long before I even took over Top Blog Mag.  She was the first person I called every step of the way as I began the transition to Blog Nosh and it is long overdue that she formally join us in our efforts to promote the best blog content by the most dynamic bloggers.

The best way to welcome Jennifer? If you are interested in becoming a Channel Editor, I welcome you to email her and let her know which channel you are interested in editing, send a link to your blog, along with a handful of your favorite blog posts of your own and links to some of your favorite blogs in your chosen genre.  It will help us grasp your voice and perspective, as we search for the most delicious content to deliver to the Blog Nosh Magazine table.

By the way, a handful of men have asked, “Hey, why no guys?”  We do want men! The original editors came from the readers of my personal blog, Velveteen Mind, which tends to be heavily female.  Our goal for Blog Nosh Magazine, however, is to be as inclusive as possible.

Men!  Women!  email Jennifer or myself now and step up to the table.

Interested in editing a channel you don’t see listed?

Pitch it to us! Bnmemaillink_2Nothing is too controversial.  Nothing is too personal.  If it is important to you, it is important to us, because chances are it is important to our readers.

Now get to noshing!



{Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Megan Jordan from Velveteen Mind}


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  1. AndreAnna says:

    Yay Jen! Glad to see you here!

  2. Angella says:

    I am terribly excited to get to work with Jennifer. Welcome!

  3. Heather says:

    Welcome, Jen!
    This place is turning into a disco.

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  5. catnip says:

    Welcome to the family Jennifer! This place just gets better and better!

  6. Are you feelin’ the love, Jennifer? Sounds like you’re practically royalty!

    Welcome to the jungle!!

  7. I love your thoughts! I normally don\’t even bother to leave comments, but I wanted to let you know that you hit the nail on the head!