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One of my ideas of something to do this summer was have a “Sensory Party.”
Last year, Ken made the boys some sensory tables.
After a winter of neglect it was time to refurbish them. Why not make it a party? We decided to carry the theme to all 5 of the senses. It was fun and super easy to plan and what fun the boys had! It was a great evening.

The sense of touch and the sense of sight: I made this colored rice a few days beforehand.
They’ve never had rice in the sensory table before, so this was new. We set it out with all the colors separate and the boys got to swirl them together.

The rice table is attached to the bean table now. They had beans before, but I added to them for the party. Who can resist running their hands through dry beans? I can’t–it’s a childhood memory of mine. So the more beans the better, I say.

Baby Rainer spent most of his time alternating between the rice and the beans.
More touch; more sight: In the water table we put these ice blocks.

One is an ice treasure.
One is a block of red, white and blue ice. I set out toy tools, paint brushes, and a spray bottle to help “excavate” the treasures. At one point we also poured on salt. Later, Ken brought out a watering can with warm water. Dieter was fascinated and spent most of his time here. There are several layers of “treasure” here and it was a cool evening, so it took forever, but this activity really held his interest.
The “treasures” are just odds and ends I found around the house. No expense here, just a little preplanning.

The sense of smell:
The olfactory tray was also a huge hit. We smelled herbs from the garden. And it turns out I have quite a collection of extracts!

I love his nose wrinkle.

The sense of sound: Rainer rocks out to Peter, Paul and Mommy on the boombox. He loves to dance. I also thought that they could do drumming, but we had so many activities already we didn’t need it.

As the ice treasures were slowly excavated we set them aside on the tray. It was fun to see the pile grow.
And how could we not have a dessert for the sense of taste? These are homemade ice cream sandwiches. I made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and layered in bought vanilla ice cream and rolled them in sprinkles.
The kids really loved the party and I was so happy with how it turned out. Yea for summer memory making!

Editor’s Pick by Amy Turn Sharp of Doobleh-vay : I love Mary Beth’s blog Salt and Chocolate. She is an amazing mom and educator to her children. I started reading her last year and have learned so much from her and have also supported her and her family during their youngest son’s diagnosis of leukemia. Even with massive adversity, Mary Beth remains positive, creative, and beautiful in her daily walk of life. I try and be a mom like her! Please check out her archives and her flickr here.

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  1. Velma says:

    This is such a great post! We recently started playing with “ice treasures” as well – my son loves to collect his favorite little action figures at bedtime and freeze them in a baggie for the next day.

    Velmas last blog post..Papaginos, Papaginos, Papaginooooosss!

  2. pickel says:

    Oh, this is great. my son has SPD so I need some good winter activities. Wonder if I could do this inside…

    pickels last blog post..Winners of Travel Giveaway!

  3. amy

    We do this inside for sure! In under the bed sweater boxes. :)

    amys last blog post..Just to dig it all an’ not to wonder

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    hey! great review!!! thanks usefull

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  9. I love the ice treasure hunting because they can vaguely see what they are going after. It is good for a toddler to do with a littler one crawling by them. Because you know the baby will try eating the rice or beans. Thanks for the idea.