Man, How Fragile Art Thou Ego

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What is it about the male ego? What is this inner drive they possess that makes them not just a normal person, but a sweat-soaked, testosterone-driven, strong as an ox, and hung like a bull, god-in-their-own-mind? And why do they turn into sniveling babies if anyone so much as hints they are anything less? And why are they so damn scared of skin care products??

I was in Target tonight when I happened to catch a glance at a new skin care line for men. I wouldn’t have even realized it was there had the words “Anti-Pale Skin Moisturizer” not jumped out at me. Anti-pale skin?? I’ve seen anti-redness creams, but never anti-pale stuff. Wtf? So I read further- “Provides gradual, natural looking color.” It took me a second to realize what I was actually looking at was sunless tanning lotion for men! Seems we have to be very careful with the wording, because I guess the male ego just could not handle using something with the words ‘tanning lotion’ in it? So now its not sunless tanning lotion, its anti-pale skin moisturizer. Riiiiiight. Anyone else find this funny? Just a little? Actually if you want a real good laugh, the directions further explain that you will see “maximum anti-pale, anti-pasty benefit within a week of twice-daily usage”. Gosh forbid ya just tell the guys they will start to see a little color on their face within a week. I checked my bottle of sunless tanning lotion, btw, and nowhere do the words “anti-pasty benefit” show up.

Naturally I had to check out this product line, and the madness continues. Men do not use things that make their skin fresh it seems, they use “Power Clean Anti-Dullness Face Wash”. (Sounds like something my husband would clean his car with.) Feeling dry? Try the “Hydrapower Invigorating Moisturizer”, or if you have combination skin, how about the “Oil Controller Anti-Oiliness Moisturizer”. And we must have our “Power Buff Anti-Ruffness Exfoliator”.

Is it just me or does all this stuff sound more like something you’d find in a garage than a medicine cabinet?

What are guys so afraid of that they actually have to market it this way to get them to use basic products. My husband is just as guilty, he could use a little moisturizer after shaving, and he actually uses the same soap on his face as on his body. But he won’t, and why? Is it too much trouble? Would the guys make fun of him if they found out? Would his penis shrivel up and fall off if it suspected he were using the same type of product as your wife?(Who has much better skin than him btw.)

Maybe women just have anti-ego, anti-don’t give a damn protection built right in? Too bad Loreal couldn’t bottle and sell THAT for men!

Editor’s pick by Dr. Karen Rayne at Adolescent Sexuality: I just recently came on Sara’s blog, and I promptly sat down for a long session of reading that caused dinner to devolve from homemade-pizza to from-a-box mac-and-cheese.  So maybe wait until after dinner, but then run, don’t walk, over to Suburban Oblivian and the original post.  After that, I’m sure you’ll want to subscribe.  I did!

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6 Comments to “Man, How Fragile Art Thou Ego”

  1. bob ashley says:

    Gotta be careful about tarring men with the patently sexist brush of copy men in the advertising industry. Applying the same interpretative logic, i.e. deriving gender characteristics of women via advertising language would yield similar, less than complimentary results.

    A man, I am utterly unimpressed by the likes of “Power Clean” or “Anti-Pale Skin” ad-speak.

    Editorializing, I’d be inclined to suggest changing the title to “Ad-Man, How Fragile Art Thou Ego”. For all it’s superficial, zany, infantile creativity, the ad business is still one of the most ultra-conservative, backwards-boys-club, gender-stereotyping industries going.


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