Don’t Go Stale for Dad

Nosh Notes from the EditorThe funny thing about blogging is that life sometimes gets in the way.  Blogging is supposed to be about our lives, though, right?  So if we don’t get out there and live them, our blogs will be serpents eating their own tails:  seemingly interesting at first, then very monotonous and repetitive.

Just as life can sometimes distract you from getting things done, our solutions are often monotonous stop-gaps.  Nothing memorable and hardly worth the effort.  Which reminds us…  Father’s Day is this Sunday!  Did you forget to get Dad that amazing gift?  No problem, we have you covered and with sprinkles on top.

Blog Nosh Magazine is proud to present our favorite solution to those last-minute Father’s Day gift panics in the form of what we love best:  MAGAZINES!

If the dads in your life are anything like the dads in mine, they enjoy splashy pictures, punchy stories, and gorgeous women.  That’s putting it politely.  I gave my husband a subscription to Men’s Health one year and he thanked me every month, no fail.  The best part?  I absolutely loved Men’s Health and just about beat him to it each time it arrived.  I’d like to say that peeking into the mind of men made me a better wife, but I think it might have just made me more tolerant and patient because, wow, it’s all pretty much about desire for men.  Desire to improve, desire to build a better life, and desire for, well, we are talking about our men.

In honor of Father’s Day, Blog Nosh Magazine is giving away a prize pack courtesy of that includes subscriptions to the daddy of all magazines:  Sports Illustrated, GQ, and (my favorite) Men’s Health. All you have to do to win is be a US resident and either tweet about the giveaway using the keyword “@blognoshmag” or leave a comment below.  The winner will be announced Saturday morning, June 20, 2009.

Update:  The winner is @flesworthy! Her tweet about the giveaway was randomly selected from all of the tweets and comments.  Follow her on twitter and check out her blog:  flesworthy.  Thanks for entering!

Sold on the idea of giving Dad a magazine subscription?  Seriously, my husband asks for me to renew his subscriptions every year in lieu of another tie or coffee mug. Check out for cheap magazines and you’ll absolutely thrill him with your thoughtfulness.

Plus, you can do it Sunday morning if you forget poor ole dad.

(psst…  I usually subscribe online and then buy a copy of the actual magazine at the store to attach the “you’ve been subscribed!” note to on top.  Our other favorites?  Best Life and Maxim.  Yeah, totally opposite ends of the scale but both largely about ripped abs.)

Note:  This is a paid sponsorship from a Blog Nosh Magazine advertiser.  How else did you think we paid our bills?  You can bet your last nacho that I mean every word of our recommendation, though.  Love magazine subscriptions as gifts!

Nosh Notes from the Editor by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Megan Jordan of Velveteen Mind



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6 Comments to “Don’t Go Stale for Dad”

  1. punkinmama says:

    Wait… you’re saying *another* tie ISN’T a good Father’s Day gift?! Crap.

    punkinmamas last blog post..shrink it

  2. thegypsymama says:

    Our poor dad needs this so bad. I made him get rid of our TV, so now he is one sport-less hubby. What he wouldn’t give, for some Sports Illustrated!

    thegypsymamas last blog post..The Velveteen Blanket

  3. Susan says:

    I hope we don’t need a blog to win! I’m including my email because this would be perfect to surprise him with!

  4. Megan Jordan says:

    You absolutely don’t need a blog to win. Just leave a valid email so we can contact you!

    Megan Jordans last blog post..Celebrating the Daughter That May Never Be

  5. Dave Jeffrey says:

    I’m a dad, can I enter? I’m entering.

  6. melanie says:

    my husband would absolutely LOVE this for father’s day. and it would beat the book and movie that i picked out for him on behalf of our kids…