I love my beautiful body.

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Tonight I put on my Express size 5/6 jeans again.  I didn’t have to struggle, suck it in, or lay down to get them buttoned!

I never dreamed I would be able slide into these again. Since February, I’ve lost twenty pounds.  That’s a lot, considering that I wasn’t fat to begin with.  However, those twenty pounds were necessary, because now I definitely look better, feel healthier, and am more comfortable with my body.

Want to know my secret? Five simple words:  “I love my beautiful body.”

Think about it!  A person who loves their body will take care of it.  If you were to body-sit for a loved one’s body, wouldn’t you do everything it needs, to make sure you return it happy and healthy?  You’d feed it the most nutrient-rich, yummy food you could find, and you’d give it lots of exercise, and you’d never say things like, “You’re so fat,” or “God, if you could just lose fifteen pounds…” Hell no you wouldn’t say that!!  If you were body-sitting, you would be kind and gentle, giving it everything it needed and telling it good things!

So, why is it that we don’t care for our bodies the way we know we need to?

I believe it’s has everything to do with how we think of our bodies. Instead of loving them, we put negative energy into our selves, wishing we could just lose (fill in the flaw)… or saying we’re not good enough until (fill in the ‘what am I lacking’)… Guess what!  Thoughts like that affect our bodies.

You are what you think! And by changing the way I thought, I was able to bring forth to the outside of my body what it was that I thought from the inside of it.  I wrote it in soap crayon on the tiles in my shower.  I wrote it on my mirrors.  Every time I turned the clasp on my necklace, I whispered, “I love my beautiful body.”

Eventually, I began to believe that.  The power of your thoughts is everything.  In order to break habitual thinking, or any habit for that matter, you must change that thought you express into something that is contradictory to what you have previously thought.  For instance, when I quit smoking, I changed my self-perception into, “I am not a cigarette smoker.”

At first it was a struggle.  “I love my beautiful body” conflicted with the original self image I had; it conflicted with the, I’m fats or I’m not pretty enoughs.  That confliction is why I needed the reminders to change my thinking through out my day.  I needed the necklace clasps and the soap crayons.

If you want to be beautiful from the outside, you must express beautiful things from the inside.  Do not criticize your body; love it and care for it.  Nurture it.

If you take care of your SELF, then everything else just falls into place.

Editor’s pick from Jennifer at Playgroups are No Place for Children.  I stumbled across Ash’s site and was intrigued by her uplifting and positive spirit.  A recent college graduate with a B.A. in Psychology, she has obviously been very busy, positively so, and maintains two blogs, Into the Rabbit Hole and Shine!.  You can read the original post here, but be sure to check out both sites to gain some insight into her positive thinking world.

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2 Comments to “I love my beautiful body.”

  1. erin says:

    The power of positive thinking. Thanks. Putting down fudge…going for walk.

  2. Lesley says:

    Isn’t that the truth? My scale didn’t (and couldn’t) move downwards until I truly accepted and loved by body just as it was. When I began to love myself at whatever size I was at (big or small or soft or hard), I actually felt more freedom to give my body exactly what it needed (maybe less or different food, maybe less movement, more sleep, etc). So glad to read your post!