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Reading over my last Tales of the Breast post, I realized it was a bit clinical, and with all the talk about Mother’s milk tea, and herbs, and domperidone, etc. I forgot what my original intent was: To write about how much I love breastfeeding Kiel. How special it is.

I love when Kiel first latches on and gets that first mouthful of milk, how his eyes roll back in his head as if he’s experiencing nirvana.

I love how his hand is always moving, running over my body. Sometimes grabbing my nose, or finding its way into my mouth for me to kiss and nibble on. If both breasts are exposed he’ll head right for the other nipple and grab it, twisting and tweaking. I swear his Daddy didn’t teach him that. Such a little man already.

Sometimes, it isn’t enough for him to just move his hands over me, he has to move his legs too. Kicking at the breast he isn’t nursing from, as if he’s tenderizing it for his next course.


I love how he looks into my eyes, with his sparkly blue-gray eyes and sometimes stops and smiles, the corners of his mouth moving up and out. A little bit of milk spilling out.

I love when he falls asleep at my breast. Eyes closed, yet mouth still working, sucking, pausing occasionally, then sucking some more. Until finally, he falls asleep so deeply that he slides off my nipple, a little string of spit and milk connecting him to me. And then in his sleep, even though he is no longer latched on, his mouth occasionally moves as if he is still nursing.

I love early in the morning, when I bring him to bed with us. I lay on my back, turned just slightly to the side with him nestled against me. Hungry from the night, refueling his body. Nursing, then falling back asleep (if I’m lucky). My hand cupping his bottom, his head resting on my upper arm.

I love later in the morning, when we are both awake, and he is sitting up, laughing and smiling, or crawling around between Rich and me. Then he spots my breast, crawls up to it and grabs it, placing the nipple in his mouth, taking a few sucks. Just a little snack.

I love how no matter what position we are in, if the nipple isn’t positioned how he wants, he grabs at my breast, getting a handful of flesh, and places it how he wants. As if he owns it, which he clearly does.

Editor’s Pick by Deb at Missives From Suburbia.  On the very day I sat down to write my own post about the magic of breastfeeding my little girl, Kristine submitted Tales From the Breast for consideration by Blog Nosh.  I’m not the sort of person who believes in reinventing the wheel, particularly if the wheel in question is so elegantly crafted.  For more tell-it-like-it-is stories about motherhood (I just caught her posting about nipples, people!), visit Mommy Needs Therapy and follow Kristine on Twitter.

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  2. I love happy BF stories and no doubt they will be sweet fond memories forever. My only beef with this specific article is, ” I swear his Daddy didn’t teach him that. Such a little man already.” It comes across as a weird sexualization of boys breastfeeding. Girl babies do this nipple tugging too but, in general, you wouldn’t make the same comment cause that would be weird (?). Know what I mean? Is it only me who read it this way? I know that this type of example is made a lot and I think it is something we need to think about. ‘Of course he loves breastfeeding..he is a true boy’ or ‘he is a real boob man just like his daddy’. Just adding more sexualization to breastfeeding.