Fresh Approaches for Changing Tastes

Nosh Notes from the EditorAs the year draws to a close, we are doing some shuffling of the buffet table here at Blog Nosh Magazine. The new year always brings a fresh crop of new bloggers and new blogs, not to mention new incarnations of old blogs from old bloggers. With that in mind, we are gearing up to launch the remainder of our current channels (Military, Travel and Expats, etc.) and introduce a few new sub-channels, such as an Unemployment section to our Business channel.

Interested in becoming a Channel Editor? Have some ideas for new channels or sub-channels? Start brainstorming and drop your ideas into the comments or email us with your interest. Some of our old editors will be leaving, so all channels will have room available for fresh voices and approaches. It will take a bit for us to get to all of the applications (not to mention follow-up with previous applications on-hold), so bear with us.

Speaking of having the patience of a fine aged wine, we are revamping our submissions process. If you have submitted a post to us in the last couple of months, know that we are working to streamline our review process (your submission is one of hundreds we receive each month) and haven’t forgotten you.

All of these efforts are made possible by the support we receive from writers, editors, and our sponsors. Please take a moment to check out one of our featured sponsors this month, Lamaze International and Mother’s Advocate and their Six Healthy Birth Practices videos (one of which is featured in NoshTube) and print materials.  The Six Healthy Birth Practices are:

  • Let labor begin on its own
  • Walk, move around and change positions throughout labor
  • Bring a friend, loved one, or doula for continuous support
  • Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary
  • Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body’s urges to push
  • Keep mother and baby together – it’s best for the mother, the baby, and breastfeeding

Lamaze isn’t the breathing techniques that are so often associated with it any more.  You can see what their birth practices look like when lived out loud in both my own birth plan and then in my birth post.  At least, my very best efforts at integrating those birth practices, as I am far from your ideal Lamaze example.

Of course, every birth is different, just as every mother is different, so in our ever-irreverent spirit here at Blog Nosh Magazine, we are revisiting one of our favorite Birth & Adoption posts by Baby on Bored. What makes our community so delicious is our diversity of voices, so be sure to check out ways to have a healthy, safe, and natural birth with Lamaze International and Mother’s Advocate and then get your laugh on with the cheeky humor of Stefanie Wilder-Taylor’s Preggo Land.

Nosh on!

Nosh Notes from the Editor by Founder and Editor-in-Chief Megan Jordan of Velveteen Mind.



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2 Comments to “Fresh Approaches for Changing Tastes”

  1. very nice for this post.

  2. Jenny says:

    the only thing i hated about my labor was them sticking me with needles during my contractions. that pissed me off. i didn’t mind the contractions themselves ’cause im used to that kind of pain (anti-lactose who eats ice cream ;) )