Loads of Hope for the Holidays

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Welcome to Blog Nosh Magazine’s first special-event carnival, as we share stories of hope this holiday season in support of the Tide Loads of Hope program, a mobile laundromat offering laundry services to families affected by disasters.

Tide Loads of Hope is a traveling breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief for families nationwide suffering from natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods.  In times of crisis, Tide has learned that it is the little things that help us maintain what can sometimes feel like our last threads to normalcy.  Little things like clean clothes.  loadsofhopetruckWith this in mind, the Tide Loads of Hope truck is returning to New Orleans this holiday season in order to offer some holiday hope and free laundry services for families still struggling.

We’re celebrating Tide’s efforts in three big ways:

1. We’ve dedicated the whole magazine to Tide Loads of Hope for the Holidays by commissioning some of the most amazing bloggers to write about the importance of hope at the holidays.  Their work is brilliant and inspiring. I know you’ll be heartened to read each gorgeous post on our front page.

2. We’re inviting you to lend your own voice to this uprising of hope. Join the blog carnival by sharing  your own stories of hope,  and enter your own post link in the blog carnival below. Three posts will be selected from carnival participants in the linky to be featured on Blog Nosh Magazine, too.  We can’t wait to read your contributions!

3. We’re going to New Orleans to talk with Katrina survivors to tell them about your hopeful messages.  We want you to join our live two day event in New Orleans, Sunday and Monday, December 13 and 14 (8am – 6pm), as Blog Nosh founder and editor-in-chief Megan Jordan from Velveteen Mind (whose personal story of natural disaster recovery inspired this partnership), Mishelle Lane from Secret Agent Mama, and Deb Rox from Deb on the Rocks tweet stories of resilience from laundry recipients and volunteers on the ground.

Updated: We’re hitting the ground a day early in New Orleans, as we are being joined by Kelly Clarkson!
Yes, that Kelly Clarkson.  Are you singing “Since U Been Gone” yet?  We are!  She’ll be out with the Tide Loads of Hope team, washing clothes and extending hope.

Find us at the Walmart located at 1901 Tchoupitoulas Street from 12pm – 6pm Saturday!

Follow along on twitter via #loadsofhope and be sure to follow @TideLoadsofHopeMore importantly, engage with us and tweet back your own messages of hope, helping us show the residents of the Gulf Coast that their voices are still heard and their stories still remembered. The Loads of Hope truck  just completed a stop in Atlanta, GA, and will be on their way to Louisville, KY, so help us spread the word and reach out to families in need of a break.

When you join the carnival with your messages of hope, be sure to invite your own readers to participate in this online event by linking to the chocolate-covered center of the carnival here at Blog Nosh Magazine.  You are invited to grab any of the Tide Loads of Hope graphics you see here, including the tee shirt badge below (linked to http://tideloadsofhope.com), as all proceeds from sales of Tide Vintage Tees support the truck and keep it on the road, ready to help when disaster strikes nationwide.

Blog carnival hosted by Blog Nosh Magazine, sponsored by Tide Loads of Hope.

How do the holidays fill you with loads of hope?



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  1. I first read about the special Tide Loads of Hope bottles from Megan at a Velveteen Mind. Now there’s one in use in my laundry room.

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  6. Mr Lady

    Hey, can we submit archived posts?

  7. Megan Jordan says:

    In the spirit of what we do here at Blog Nosh Magazine, you can absolutely submit archived posts to the carnival linky!

    All we ask is that you add a link back to the carnival either at the end of your old post or republish it on your front page and point your readers to the carnival from there. It helps keep carnival blog-hoppers from missing your fellow writers.

    See you in the carnival! Nosh on!

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