Celebrate the Heart and Art of Motherhood : Carnival Inspired by Margaret Rudkin, founder Pepperidge Farm

Nosh Notes from the EditorThere is an art to the juggle.  Family, business, and self…  all of those dreams and ambitions up in the air.  It takes a deft hand, a sharp eye, and a trust in our instincts in order to deliver the goods in life.

During the month of May, Blog Nosh Magazine will be featuring stories inspired by the founder of Pepperidge Farm, Margaret Rudkin, as part of our Celebrate the Heart and Art of Motherhood carnival.   Margaret Rudkin was a mother who faced adversity and not only rose to the challenge of the juggle, but revolutionized an industry.

Her story, her work, the way she artfully wove motherhood and business, resonates with the lives of many mothers, parents, and entrepreneurs in our community.  Margaret Rudkin Distinctive CookiesWith this in mind, we shared Margaret’s story (along with the NoshTube video in our sidebar) with a group of commissioned writers, with the hope that they would feel a bit of it resonate within themselves.  People, they delivered.

They delivered because that’s what we do.  As writers, as parents, as innovative leaders and entrepreneurs, we look adversity in the eye and we recognize opportunity.  Margaret’s story struck a chord in me because what resonated was not the fact that she made her first loaf of bread in order to help her son who was suffering from food allergies, but rather that her stepping up to the plate to solve an immediate problem revealed to her a talent for business that she never realized she had.

In today’s economy, so many of us are solving problems on the go, perfecting the art of the hustle so that our families’ needs are met, and consequently building new lives for ourselves.  Through the first posts we share with you in our writing carnival, we delve into stories from designers, authors, artists, teachers, and innovators.  Including one from a stay-at-home dad, which we have our current economy to thank for and for which we are thankful.

The economy that we face down each day makes Margaret Rudkin’s story all the more relevant to tell.  We invite you to explore the ways that our writers’ stories overlap and build upon each other.  Dig deep into your own story and ask yourself, possibly for the first time, how you have reached the point at which you are today.  Is this what you had planned?  For better or worse, reframe your own story with deliberation.

And we’d love for you to share it with us. We’ll be selecting 5 posts from the general carnival to feature on our front page during the month of May, with your permission.  Share your post with your audience, then add it to our linky so we can find you.

Finally, we are immensely proud to share with you that Pepperidge Farm found such inspiration in your storytelling that they are donating $10,000 to Feeding America, in addition to the 9.2 million pounds of food Pepperidge Farm has donated since July 2005, 1.9 million pounds this year alone.  The story of need and innovation is as relevant today as it was when Margaret founded Pepperidge Farm in the 1930′s.  Blog Nosh Magazine is honored to be part of the inspiration for this donation, along with you and your own storytelling.  hint, hint…  Share your story!  You inspire.

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Nosh Notes from the Editor by founder and editor-in-chief, Megan Jordan from Velveteen Mind.


Inspired?  Recognize a dash of Margaret’s tenacity and compassion in yourself?

Our carnival of storytelling celebrates the art of
stepping up to the plate in order to answer a need and
unexpectedly discovering a fiery talent just waiting to flourish.

Please join our carnival and share your own story of stepping up to the plate and delivering a bit of spit-fire that you may never have realized you had.

To participate:

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We’ll be selecting 5 additional carnival posts to feature on the front page of Blog Nosh Magazine (with your permission) during the month of May so add yours now!  We can’t wait to read your story!

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Heart and Art of Motherhood carnival sponsored by Blog Nosh Magazine and Pepperidge Farm.

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  1. I had no idea “who” founded Pepperidge Farm, but just learning a bit about Margaret’s story, I’m impressed. It’s clear “concern for others” is a core value for PF to have donated so much to so many, and it makes me think even more fondly of them as a company. I’ve grown up on Pepperidge Farm, the savory and the sweet, and I L I K E giving my money for a company with heart.

    Love this idea for a carnival…and it’s got me post-thinkin’ already.

    Blog Nosh never disappoints…it’s the perfect combination of style AND substance!


  2. Nina says:

    Sorry about the double linky submission – I realised I’d done the first one incorrectly.

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  4. Deaf Village says:

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