Practice is an Art

Fiction and Poetry Blog Nosh Magazine{Originally posted in Goodword Editing}
First appeared on Blog Nosh Magazine on October 16, 2008

(Scroll down to find the audio link to hear the poem read by Marcus Goodyear.)

for David Tulley

The pianist plays alone every time
learning not to let the world decide
when he creates and when he rests.
Studios, concert halls, practice rooms
hallowed, not hollow, never empty.
The walls, the chairs, the carpet tremble
with potential decisions. Synthetic
fibers of carpet twist together,
their friendships forming expectant
berber curls, their voices hushed
waiting for the performer’s approach.
He clacks the cover from its keyboard,
coughs once and begins to say this
I am
Meaning something more than self,
more than These hands are mine. These legs
pump pedals, sustain notes, build chords.
This room was not empty before.
I have not filled it except with thanks.

Though as for that, no thanks
depends on him or the one listening,
who wandered into the studio looking
to kill time and fighting music instead.
The battle lost, the audience slumps
low in the back row and hears
practice give voice to everything here.

You can also listen to the poem as read by Marcus: Practice Is an Art

Editor’s pick by Heather Goodman at L’Chaim. I chose this piece because of the beauty of the creation of art, not just the product. Marcus Goodyear writes about poetry and philosophy on his blog, Goodword Editing. When someone asked him to share more of himself, Marcus said, “I have to admit that I was a bit confused. Which ‘me’ did this person mean exactly? You know, more poetry, more philosophy.”

You can find more of his poetry here. He’s also written about how to revise and edit poetry. He’s a believer in the sound of poetry and embeds audio files with his poetry. I agree. Listening is lovely.

You can subscribe to his blog here.

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