Heart Masks Mind

{Originally Published on Secret Agent Mama and originally featured right here on November 20, 2008}

Oh fiery colors, how short your stay,
Merrily tantalizing my sense of sight.
Against the blue sky, as if to blaze the way,
Towards the promise of a new day, bright.
It is in autumn that I reflect the most,
The end of the year spinning my mind around.
Like the trees that wait again to host,
My thoughts pause to absorb the sound.
Through the standstill, I look forward and back,
Considering past, dreams turn to a future of hope.
I wonder: Are the trees hopeful while they lack?
Or have they just found a way to cope?
My mind it is filled with worry and doubt.
Though my heart, a hopeful tree, dreams about.

Original Photography ©Mishelle Lane Photography

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15 Comments to “Heart Masks Mind”

  1. Stunningly picturesque…in words and image.

    Robin ~ PENSIEVEs last blog post..My Series of Unfortunate Events, part troix

  2. Kim says:

    Beautiful. Both the picture and the poem.

    Kims last blog post..I turn to you

  3. I’m not always an easy sell on traditional poetry, but this I love.

    Woman in a windows last blog post..FIRST SNOW


    maggie, dammits last blog post..Wisconsin

  5. Love this…

    Colleen – Mommy Always Winss last blog post..New definition of "suckitude"

  6. crazymumma says:

    oh to be a tree.

    just lovely. both.

    crazymummas last blog post..

  7. The words, the photo, what a gift.
    I think I must go dive back into your flikr account and just lose myself in how lush and beautiful you are.

    conversemommas last blog post..The Things We Carry

  8. mrlady says:

    SAM totally kills me, every freaking day. Nice pick, Jen!

    mrladys last blog post..How Much Would You Like To Bet My Laundry Doesn’t Actually Get Up And Wash Itself Soon?

  9. You’re the best, Mama.

    Angie [Good for the Kids]s last blog post..Sicky McCoughsalot

  10. Marina says:

    You are truely inspirational Mishelle. I feel so lucky to know you!

  11. Gorgeous. GORGEOUS! All of it.

    Missives From Suburbias last blog post..Forget About Black Friday

  12. This poem begs to be read aloud and the photo is breathtaking. This is Simply Fearless Beauty!

    Simply Fearlesss last blog post..Grandma’s Story {part 2}

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  14. Such lovely prose and photography from @secretagentmama, who is lovely herself. http://ht.ly/3W1gd

  15. RT @StoryBleed: Such lovely prose and photography from @secretagentmama, who is lovely herself. http://ht.ly/3W1gd