In Which I Recall Moonlit Kisses

{by Sarah Bessy of Emerging Mummy}

I watched him park his Dad’s Impala, open the door and heave a big gulp of courage before running around the car to open the door for the girl inside. She stepped out, runners first, clad in shorts despite the cool night air and an oversized Hyacks sweatshirt. She was tiny compared to his lanky frame. They were awkward and expectant. Breathless and nervous. I saw them both sneak a glance around, making sure that no adults or witnesses were around. They seemed comfortable with me just sitting at the red light across the street. Because he shyly snaked his arms around her waist, she reached up to lock her hands behind his neck and pull his mouth down to hers. They kissed, sweetly, under the street lamps on 8th Ave for just a few seconds. The light turned green.

I drove the rest of the way home with the window down.
The night was dark and cool but perfumed with the scent of the cherry tree blossoms.

I drove unseeing.  I was transported, watching and remembering, holding a memory like a jewel in my hand, turning it over and over.  April nights in Tulsa more than ten years ago. Brian and I, slow dancing on the side of the road to an AM radio from his borrowed Chevy Blazer. Him wearing jeans and basketball shoes with a Nebraska Huskers t-shirt, me in my barely-dress-code skirt and flip flops, red hair to my waist and cherry lip gloss carefully applied. Surrounded by warm darkness with the stars like a cathedral above us, faint noises of cars driving past on a nearby road, our feet shuffling, our mouths tasting of coffee from Java Dave’s.  Bodies pressed tightly together, wringing love from every minute before curfew.

And then the kisses.
Those just-turned-twenty-years-old new kisses that make your heart ache and your mind swirl and your knees weak.  Dancing slows until you are just clinging to one another, pressed against the side of the Blazer, weak with desire, hardly believing that you have been so lucky, so fortunate, so blessed as to have found one another already.

We were overcome with new love, filled with visions of what would be.  Somehow in those moments, both of us foresaw the two blonde babies sleeping between us in bed at night, the home filled with books and laughter and conversations, the sorrow, the hope, the joy and the expectancy, the life together - all present in both of us on a moonlit night in the backroads of Oklahoma.

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Story editor pick by Sara Sophia // @sarasophia

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Sara Sophia12:29 May 16, 2011

I sigh of the sweetness of young, and forever, love.

Thank you so much for this Sarah.

Sara Sophia recently posted..tangerine seas and marmalade skies

Joy @ Joy In This Journey14:49 May 16, 2011

*sigh* I’m all sentimental, wishing for a taste of those days once in awhile again…

Melissa15:16 May 16, 2011

Oh how I love the talk of romance. The reminder to recapture those moments with every given opportunity. To relive young love on the daily.
Thank you for this precious reminder!
Melissa recently posted..what a walk will do

Sara Sophia17:33 May 16, 2011

In Which I Recall Moonlit Kisses | Story Bleed Magazine http://t.co/qJwspoi via @storybleed

Sarah Styles Bessey19:36 May 16, 2011

Gotta admit, I'm a bit starstruck to be up at @StoryBleed today.http://storybleed.com/2011/05/in-which-i-recall-moonlit-kisses/

giftsforbabies19:40 May 16, 2011

In Which I Recall Moonlit Kisses http://tiny.ly/yv9K

Story Bleed Magazine00:25 May 17, 2011

A peek at lust and bodies pressed together by @emergingmummy http://ht.ly/4Vvi9

Deborah Hardy00:38 May 17, 2011

This is so beautiful RT @StoryBleed: A peek at lust and bodies pressed together by @emergingmummy http://t.co/AeMIuH4

Sarah Styles Bessey01:54 May 17, 2011

RT @StoryBleed: A peek at lust and bodies pressed together by @emergingmummy http://ht.ly/4Vvi9

Stephanie Sheaffer15:53 May 18, 2011

A beautifully written post by @emergingmummy –> "In Which I Recall Moonlit Kisses." http://t.co/bYDma0l via @storybleed

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