The Boys, Part 1

 {by Dera of Casablanca}

I’m driving home from Fiona’s school when she asks me this in a soft voice:

Fiona:  “Mom?  Did you ever like a boy when you were my age?”

Me: (thinking, “I loved boys in the womb.  By seven, I was already over this dating thing and ready to settle down.”)

“Yeah, I think so.”

Fiona:  “Were you ever afraid that he didn’t like you back?”

Me: (thinking, “There was little to no fear in my approach.  Capture, seize, and conquer.  Much easier.”)

“Sure.  Is there a boy that you like?”

Fiona:  (silence)

I adjust the rear-view mirror, and see the reddest face smiling back at me.  I have my answer.

Me:  “It’s okay.  You don’t have to be embarrassed.  Is it someone I know?”

Fiona:  (nods with her face buried in her hands)

Me:  “Fiona, do I have to guess every boy in our lives or are you going to tell me?”

Fiona:  “I’ll give you a guess.”

Me:  ”A ‘hint’?”

Fiona:  ”Mmm hmmm.  

1.  He’s really smart.  
2.  He has curly hair.  
3.  His skin looks like your coffee.”

Neve:  “Oh, yeah.  So he’s from France?”

Fiona:  “Neve, shhh.  That’s not what France people look like.  He looks like he’s from Mexico except he’s not.  Maybe his grandma is from Mexico… (trailing off).”

(snapped back) “… and when he taught me how easy it is to count in one hundreds (100 + 100 = 200, 200 + 300 = 500, etc.), I remembered it.  I’ll always remember that.”  (So romantic.)

For the sake of their adorable little privacy, I won’t say his name.  But it’s a nice name.  And he is smart.  Like, he skipped a grade smart.  And he’s shy, like her.  And his skin does look like my coffee.  And even though I get a little queasy at the thought of my seven year old having these feelings already, I love that she chose him.

Most importantly, I love that she told me.

Neve: (snickering) “Fiona likes a boy.”

Me: “Oh, leave her alone.  It’s just a little seven year old crush.”

Fiona: (writing his name in the foggy car window) “No, mom.  It’s not a little crush.  It’s a huge crush.”

And there you have it.

Dera’s birds eye view of her family and transcription of their day to day life is nothing less than inspiring.
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  1. Bret Kylan says:

    I have read their dialog. It’s natural for them. It’s the symbol of friendship. Thanks for a good post.

  2. carol says:

    I love reading it.The conversation was natural for them.

  3. The Boys, Part 1, first crushes on the boy whose skin looks like coffee

  4. how heart-achingly beautiful. So glad I discovered BOTH storybleed and Casablanca: catching two pigeons with one stone!

  5. It is awesome conversation and I love reading it. I am excited to read the boys part 2…

  6. Galit Breen says:

    Ohmyheart, first crushes spotted in our children – by Casablanca on @StoryBleed

  7. Kamilla Lecher says:

    The Boys, Part 1 never fades.

  8. Kia Snite says:

    I enjoy reading the conversation in the boys part one. I will look for boys part two conversation.

  9. Heidi19 says:

    I love this post and i really enjoyed reading the conversation. Thanks for sharing this with us and i’m looking forward to read the boys part 2. Lol!

  10. Born27 says:

    Their conversation is so cool to read! Kinda cute.. I like the part 1 but I love the part 2! Thanks for posting this!

  11. DynnaLou says:

    Actually, this is the first time I have read about this kind of conversation and for me, I definitely enjoyed it.. Makes me want to have more kids soon..LOL..

  12. brein38 says:

    This kind of conversation is very interesting, I can’t wait to read the second part….

  13. jennifer says:

    I love reading and this one is lovely interesting, I will book mark this one and wait for the part 2… :)