Story Bleed Magazine is a literary magazine.

Written and photographed, designed and managed by writers and artists.  Also known as bloggers.

Published online weekly.
Published in print quarterly.

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1)  Encourage readers to create permeable boundaries.  Explore new genres and recognize an echo of yourself.

2)  Encourage online writers and artists to commit to a raised bar.  Re-frame talent and expose it to new eyes.


Find yourself where stories blur the lines.
Story Bleed aches for you to discover yourself where the lines between our stories bleed together, unexpectedly resonating.  Lines smeared by the eager hand.  A literary magazine celebrating essays and art that move and enlighten.

Art is created every day online.  Stunning, beautiful, inspired, shocking, breathtaking art.  But because it is online, often housed in personal space lacking a high gloss finish, these pieces of work are frequently dismissed or overlooked.  We invite you to look again.

Story Bleed Magazine celebrates the resonance of the well-written word and embraces the unrelenting beauty of complex images.  In the same beat, we gravitate toward the haphazard energy of a well-delivered rant and the stark clarity of distinctly uncomplicated images.  We crave it all.

Read between the lines we so meticulously draw between ourselves.  Story Bleed presents pieces carefully curated by a brilliantly solid editorial staff, encouraging you to explore genres you may have never considered of interest.

The Internet is nothing if not cursory.  If a cursory look reveals nothing of interest, we ask you to look closer.  The edges that compartmentalize who we are?  Those edges are not as sharp as you might think.

Those lines bleed.  Subtly.  Constantly.  Quietly.  Those lines never stop moving.

Find yourself where stories blur the lines.



Story Bleed Magazine is curated by trained editors.  Featured pieces are primarily selected from submissions.  On occasion, our editors will solicit work they discover on their own and feel will resonate with our audience.

Work is published in full or edited for content, with permission.

Although we will consider original, previously unpublished work, we emphatically encourage you to publish your best efforts on your own personal platforms first.  You and your audience deserve that priority.  Story Bleed prefers to publish work that has been previously published, particularly those pieces that received little to no attention upon initial publication.

That gorgeous post you wrote back when only your mother read your blog?  It is still gorgeous.  It deserves to be rediscovered.  The stunning photograph you marveled over, only to see it lost on Flickr?  It simply needs re-framed.

Individual copyright of work herein belongs to its respective author and/or artist.  No portion of Story Bleed Magazine may be reprinted or reproduced without written permission from the author and/ or artist.



Our magazine has gone through several incarnations.

TopBlogMag, 2007:  Our founder and publisher, Megan Jordan, first conceived of what Story Bleed would eventually become by way of a misinterpretation about TopBlogMag, a writing-prompt magazine created by Heather Sunderland.  When Megan was initially invited to contribute to TopBlogMag, her first thought was that it must be a magazine that featured the top blog posts by featured writers rather than themed prompts for new, original work.  Overwhelmed by requests for contributions to collaborative sites, she saw a distinct need to return focus to writing our best work for our own personal platforms first, rather than farming out our best writing, often to the detriment of our own sites.  Megan took over TopBlogMag in 2007 and immediately dismantled it in favor of realizing that initial misinterpretation.

Blog Nosh Magazine, 2008- 2010:  What you see today as the current version of Story Bleed is built upon the foundation of Blog Nosh Magazine.  Created in 2008, Blog Nosh focused on featuring the strongest archived posts from a diverse cross-section of genres.  “Snacking” on bites of online deliciousness, if you will.  Immediately successful, it was nominated for several awards, including Best New Blog at both the Weblog Awards and the Bloggies, as well as Best Designed Blog.

We did love just looking at that magazine.  Yummy, yes.  Suited for the long haul?  No.


Story Bleed Magazine is a rebranded and refocused effort.  Stripped down.  Clarified.  Realized.
The term “bleed” references both the way ink bleeds and the area of a design that falls too close to the edge.

We hope you enjoy it.