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Pinch Me!

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Originally published on emilie inc. photography.

I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited for today! I
popped out of bed early for one final cleaning of the studio and a few
last minute additions to the walls before the art walk.
At 10a, the balloons and signs went up outside my door, and I started
distributing stickers on each visitor’s map- those who received a
sticker from each studio was entered to win a raffle.

I would
say, in the 6 hour span of the walk, I easily had 100 visitors. I was
very humbled by the kind people, many of whom gasped when they rounded
the corner at the top of the stairs and peeked in the studio (a few
asked if they could move in!). Everyone offered their congratulations
and “welcome to the neighborhood,” as well as tips for great brunch
spots and neighborhood organizations to join. Mothers with
not-yet-engaged daughters tucked my business cards into their purses
with a wink. People marveled at the artwork, the beautiful light in the
space, and the yummy cupcakes (yes, the mini version of my birthday
party treats- I’m hooked!). It was a long day, but boy, what a great
way to introduce emilie inc. to the East End and kick off the official
wedding season.

Once the tour wrapped up, J and I headed to
dinner at Flatbread with the emilie inc. associates and their families.
What a treat to spend an evening with Geneve, Steve & Sage, and
Wyndee, Pete, Olivia & Chloe. Really looking forward to working
with you!

Here are a few pictures of today’s set-up with the
studio’s finished look! Some of you may recognize photos of yourself on
my walls!


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We’ll Take that to Go!

Education Blog Nosh MagazineOriginally Published on Blue Yonder

You know, I really try very hard to keep our lives simple.
I think long and hard before I sign us up for something new, because
things just pile up so quickly, and I really don’t want my kids’
childhoods wasted away in an over-scheduled, hurry up and wait blur.
I want them to have the time to explore, to linger, to lay in the grass
and watch ants go about their busy lives – time to breathe. I want them
to take full advantage of this one time, this short time, in their
lives when they get to just be. But, try as I might, there are times when
there are complications and jam packed days that just can’t be avoided.
Now and again we have to visit the doctor’s office, or
wait for the car to be inspected, busy ourselves between lifeguard
breaks or wait for a brother to finish his music lesson.
That’s how the “Go Boxes” came to be.

Go Boxes

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The [b] School – All Time Favourite Wedding Images

Art design

Originally posted at [b]ecker’s Blog.

I was recently chatting with some friends at a party, and I was asked if I knew what my favorite wedding image was. I laughed at the notion that I could ever narrow it down to a single frame, but it did get me thinking of some of the more memorable images I’ve captured over the years, and today I’d like to share with you 20 of my all time favorite wedding photographs. Of course, if you ask me tomorrow, I may have a completely different set of images. I am always striving to create better images that capture moments in time that the subjects will cherish forever.

I define my style of photography, as capturing relaxed portraits, amazing details and real moments. I feel these images do a good job representing my abilities in doing just that.

These first few images are scans from back in the film days… the 90′s!

I absolutely still love this portraits of a bride from July of 1999. Her expression was real, and she was just a gorgeous person inside and out.



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June 30, 2008 | Art, BN Channel Art & Design

Missing Manny – A Photoshop Tutorial

Art design

Originally Published on Blog O’ the Baroness


The illustration on the right was for the little reader The Case of the Missing Manny, which was done for Imagine Learning. It happens on the set of a pirate movie, so this picture goes with the page when our detective Ace is interviewing Bob the costume designer. Bob, btw, hates pirates and
wishes he could design costumes for sci-fi movies.

I’ve put together a big ol’ tutorial on how I made this illustration. I tried keep it at the level of expecting the reader to know at least the basics of Photoshop, but if you are an expert at Photoshop, then a lot of the information will be old hat. If I’ve left big holes in my explanations, let me know and I’ll be happy to make some edits.


These are the brushes I will be referring to throughout the tutorial. I am pretty lazy with brushes – I stick with what works. All three brushes are in the default brush palette. The only customizing I’ve done is to save a couple more spatter brushes at smaller sizes. When
I’m in a real hurry while shading, I’ll just use the soft round brushes. The downside is that you get a slick airbrushy look that I don’t always like. The spatter brushes give me a little texture to the
brush strokes.

Some other general type information – I have two different setups. At my Imagine Learning office, I work on a PC. I have two 1200×1600 LCD monitors, an Intuos Wacom tablet, and Photoshop CS2. There’s a screenshot of my desktop a little further down. At home I have essentially the same setup, only with a G5 mac and PS CS3. I personally prefer the mac over pc, but I’ve worked with both for so long, that it’s not an issue for me. (Speaking of apple love, recently got an iphone and they are pretty much lots of awesome .)

This whole illustration was done in Photoshop from start to finish. ometimes I use Flash or Painter, but for this tutorial, everything I refer to is happening in Photoshop, and I’ll be using PC commands. If
you use a mac, just replace Ctrl with Cmd.


Here is my first sketch, which is essentially a thumbnail, even though it is done at actual size but lower resolution (72 dpi). I’m using a small round brush. It looks like it was maybe at 30% opacity. I’m not consistent with that. This first sketch is just to figure out what is happening in the scene and work out the general composition. Before starting any sketches for the project, I had already done some research, finding pictures of costume studios, pirate costumes, etc. to help come up with ideas.

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