beauty in the shadow of doubt

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Can she still be loved, the uncertain one?

The one with too many questions…

The one who is not denying the doubt-cry one day more.

Can she still love, she without the inspired brand of faith?

Water for All

{By Eleanor Leonne Bennett}

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White Ricotta Tart with Sugared Fruit

{By Heather Baird from Sprinkle Bakes}

Oh, January. You are a chilly month.

Yesterday we had the kind of snow that makes mighty tree limbs bow in submission. On days like this I’m perfectly content to spend long hours in an oven-warmed kitchen, and that’s just what I did. Many treats were made; some for the book and some for the blog. I’m still determining where some should reside. After much hemming and hawing about what to make for this entry, I decided to revisit an old recipe.

O Christmas Tree

{by Alyson of New England Living}

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Alyson is a mother of four and former California girl living in New Hampshire. She shares gorgeous pictures and words on her blog, New England Living. Alyson is newenglandliving on Instagram.

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State Fair Reflections

{by Rhonda Stansberry}

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Rhonda Stansberry is a photographer with a passion for history and architecture.
See more of her photography on her website, Stansberry Photography, and on Flickr.


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Self, Abandoned

{by Sarah Bloom}

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If Only They Could Stay Little Forever

{by Thomas Hawk}

The Best Years of Our Life

“The Best Years of Our Life” by Thomas Hawk / / @thomashawk
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Chocolate clouds on a spoon

{By Jordana from Flour Child}

Last night, it rained.

Espresso Chocolate Mousse

It sounded like magic and love and dreaming and soup and kittens. I put on my fluffiest sweatshirt and cuddled up in bed and watched super classy shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2. Keepin’ things elegant, you know. I was joyous; absolutely blissful. Until, without any warning, some scary evil malicious malevolent forceful force came over me and I was craving chocolate frosting something fierce.

Espresso Chocolate Mousse

No amount of Gossip Girl was going to help me and I knew it, so I gave in. But chocolate frosting? Really? I couldn’t just eat chocolate frosting off of a spoon, that’s so unsophisticated. Thankfully, the Heavens have blessed us with chocolate mousse. Espresso chocolate mousse. It’s acceptable the eat that off of a spoon, let me tell you. Basically, when the Queen of England and every Manhattan socialite ever get together for dessert, they eat this. So classy I can’t even handle it!


{By Jesse Wright of Jesse Wright Photo}

[ pyscho ]

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“Psycho” by Jesse Wright from Jesse Wright Photo | @jessewright | Facebook
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Bright Ships.

{by Mollie Green of Fresh Milk Delivered Daily}

bright, white in the sky, the moon bold faced and shining.
far away, a distance i only know in numbers, but clear,
valleys and summits in sharp gleaming gray inside the orb light of it.

here, the white bright moon, open and full overhead.
here, a night that breathes like curtains in open windows, in, out again.
here, a hope of spring in the corners of it, hope riding wings of mercy free, new.