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Seeing Clearly

Green Living Blog Nosh Magazine{Originally published on Sarcastic Mom}

A few days ago I was feeling rather icky.  You know what I mean.  My heart was sticky with the tar of depression, my head was cloudier than a room full of Milton Berles, and my muscles were aching like I had just run a marathon with Sally Struthers strapped to my back.

So, I did the thing that generally makes me feel happier, no matter what else is going on: I kicked the dog put on my jacket, grabbed my camera, and went for a walk.  Movement in Sunshine.

It was about 3:30 and very brisk.  Clouds were milling around in the sky, crowding the sun as it begain to trail its path to oblivion for the night… As I strolled along, my muscles stretched and yawned.  They woke up a little, and endorphins lifted the corners of my mouth, and my mind.

Usually during such a stroll, and basically as a general rule in life, I am intensely drawn towards visions of Beauty in Nature.  I always capitalize when I refer to the concept in this way.  It is as if it is its own entity, starkly standing out from the muddle that is everything else.  My soul seeks out this type of beauty.  My heart beats faster, my breathing slows, and my eyes seem to focus more sharply when I bear witness to Beauty in Nature.  I feel… well, alive.

During this stroll, it started off that way, and I got a nice shot of the sun caressing these naked, shivering trees one last time before she turned and went to bed.

01.25.08 sunsetwtrees

But then, I was continually drawn to something else.

01.25.08 cig

This revolts me.

01.25.08 beer

It makes my heart beat faster.  I am angry.

01.25.08 party

It makes my breathing slow… as I grit my teeth.  I am trying not to lose my cool.

01.25.08 shred

It makes my eyes focus more sharply, as my brows furrow deeply.

01.25.08 cap

What do I really see?

I see a people who are too spoiled and pampered, careless, thoughtless and oblivious to true beauty, to be kind.  I see a disgusting swarm of cretins sauntering across the earth, leaving their filth behind them to rot and lay peril to the beauty that battles to live on amidst the muck.

01.25.08 bottle

I see a people who don’t deserve so much of what is here for them, obviously just in their periphery, because they certainly can’t be seeing it clearly.  There’s no way you could do THIS if you’re seeing the Beauty in Nature clearly. Could you?

01.25.08 can

What can I do?  My heart beats faster.

Just me? How can I stop this?  I ponder.  My breathing slows.

Even in small numbers, we can make a difference.  Later this week, John, Braden and I will walk along the same way I did last Friday, but we will be armed with garbage bags.  We’re going to pick up every piece of this dreck that we come across.

My eyes have focused more sharply.

08.01.08 rays

Editor’s pick by Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom: I first met Lotus while on a photo walk in downtown Nashville. You don’t know how much I appreciate the sarcasm and expletives that she brings to Sarcastic Mom, not to mention her eye for photography. Her post Seeing Clearly wonderfully captures the frustration that my daughter and I often feel as we take walks in our own neighborhood and see the results of thoughtless littering. Subscribe to the Sarcastic Mom feed and follow Lotus on Twitter.

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Sunday Fun Night

Art and Design Blog Nosh Magazine{Originally published on Sgt. and Mrs. Hub}

Last night a big group of us friends got together for a delicious taco salad dinner with chocolate cake for dessert. What a great time we had!

I laughed so hard and so much I was afraid my face was going to fall off.

But, that’s the best part, isn’t it?

I was worried that Daniel and I were never going to make friends after we moved here. It was touch and go for awhile. We had tons of people over for barbecues but we just weren’t finding “our type of people.” You know, the good kind. The kind that when your face falls off from laughing so hard, they’ll help you pick it up and stick it back on.

Thankfully, we found them. Or did they find us? I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m happy now.

Here is a glimpse into our fun time last night. You can find more on Flickr.

This is Miss Sydney and her Mama, Kelly. Isn’t she gorgeous?


Katherine is going to have a baby in a couple of months. Can’t tell, can you? I was never like that.


Here’s Katherine with her son. He’s super cute!


Here is one of my favorite photos of the night. Love it.


Another favorite photo… Charles with his twin brother Landon in the background. Lovin’ the mirror effect!


Charles and Landon’s parents, Chad and Brandy. Feel free to give Chad an internet style high five. He just pinned on Major!


The medium sized girls… Mine (who looks like she just sucked on a lemon!), Brandy’s, and Kelly’s. The three musketeerettes!


Love this picture of Eve! Love this one too… can’t decide which one I love more.


Here is Daniel trying to get me to smolder. Except I don’t smolder. I laugh.


Jamie and her son were there too but I didn’t get any photos of them. I don’t know what’s up with that! I did take some pictures for them a few weeks ago… I love this boy. He’s a little ray of sunshine!


We’ll finish up with some face squishing. Believe me when I tell you, Eliza put an end to all that.


Such a fun night!

Editor’s Pick by Angella from Dutch Blitz:  Andrea is someone whom I have been reading for well over a year now. She keeps growing in her photography skills; I love both her eye for shooting and the way she edits her photos.  You can see the original post and photos here and subscribe to her feed here.


Choosing a Boudoir Photographer

Art and Design Blog Nosh Magazine{Originally Published on Definition Images-Utah Boudoir Photography}

In just about any wedding publication you are bound to run across the article titled “How to Pick Your Wedding Photographer”. They contain important information and can help you avoid choosing someone with little experience or professionalism. Boudoir photography is gaining a lot of popularity and you should look for the same thing when picking a photographer to take you personal photos. Here is my list of the 5 most important things a boudoir photographer should have/do/be:

1. Someone you can trust: While many male photographers do fabulous work, I still think it’s important to have a female photographer. She will understand that you, like all women, will have insecurities and will help you not only look your best but FEEL your best too. Regardless of what gender your photographer is make sure you are comfortable with them. Trust is very important in boudoir photography.

2. Posing Experience: Make sure your boudoir photographer has done this sort of work before. It is so much different than any other type of portraiture out there. Special skills, training, and education are necessary. Posing is critical to how you look, the camera only adds pounds if you are posed incorrectly. A good photographer will know how to bring out your best features and make you look your sexiest.

3. Lighting Experience: Studio lights are a must!!! I can’t stress this enough. Window light can only do so much. Your photographer may be able to work with natural light but they will be limited. Different looks, poses, body types, and moods all call for different lighting. Make sure your boudoir photographer is well educated about lighting. Anyone can run out and drop a few grand on studio lights, but that doesn’t mean they can use them effectively. Glamour lighting is the key to gorgeous images.

4. Photo Editing Experience: Editing images is an art! There are powerful editing tools out there than can do amazing things. Make sure your photographer knows how to use this technology. You don’t want raw unedited images. Boudoir photography is all about looking your best and subtle editing will aid in that. On the flip side you don’t want someone that edits with a heavy hand. You don’t want to look plastic and fake. Obvious photo editing is the absolute worst kind!!!

5. Portfolio: You should ask to see your photographers work. Make sure the quality is high and the style fits what you are hoping for. You should be welcomed to view samples from several different sessions. You want to make sure the quality is consistant and that they aren’t showing you a few lucky shots. On the same subject – Make sure your photographer will keep your images private if you wish. Your photographer MUST obtain written permission to show your images to other people.

Boudoir photography is becoming more popular in Utah and more photographers are starting to offer it. I hope this list helps you choose who to go with. The most important thing is that you are happy with your experience and the images.

Editor’s Pick by Angella from Dutch Blitz:  This post was submitted to my channel and I thought that it was a post worth sharing with the rest of you.  I have often thought of getting some (tasteful) photos done for my husband and these tips are great for anyone wishing to do the same.  Susie is a professional and has a great site dedicated to boudoir photography.  You can see the rest of her posts here.

Read the original post and then check out her professional site.

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Paolina & John

Art and Design Blog Nosh Magazine

{Originally posted on Jennifer Kirk Photography}

I’ll forever remember Paolina as the bride who hugged me after our first meeting. She and John told me about how they met and how quickly they fell in love… and they made my eyes well up!

They held the ceremony at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Vancouver, and reception on Granville Island. After a quick stop at Spanish Banks beach, we ran all over Granville Island to create some unique images… hitting our shoot locations at perfect timing for some great light!

Thanks Paolina and John, I had a blast. It’s always extra awesome to photograph two warm and generous people who are a lot of fun to hang out with!

Editor’s Pick by Angella from Dutch Blitz:  Jennifer left a comment on my personal site recently.  I clicked over to her professional site and then clicked through to her blog.  She lives a mere few hours away from me and I hope to have the chance to meet her some day.  She has a natural talent with her camera.  I contacted her and she gave me a few posts to pick from.  I picked the one above, but the other two she sent are here and here.   Read her original post and then check out her archives.  You can subscribe to her feed here.


A Wedding – Michelle & Brent

Art and Design Blog Nosh Magazine {Originally published on Melissa Jill’s blog}

I’m back in Phoenix having some great memories from my two weeks in the Bay area. Michelle and Brent were married Thursday in Half Moon Bay.

Brent is a farmer in Iowa and Michelle, originally from Arizona, has moved there to be with him. So this was a destination wedding for them.

This wedding was so special to me and here’s why. If I wasn’t already born into an amazing family, this is the family I would want to adopt me:

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The Golden Hour

Art Design Blog Nosh Magazine

{Originally published on Lawyer Mama}

In photography, the best shots usually come with the best light: shortly after sunrise and the hour before sunset. At this time of day, everything looks magical. Everything looks beautiful. The light diffuses the world with warmth and a special ethereal glow. Everything is simple and clear for one. magical. hour. every day. The golden hour.

Because I am not a morning person, my golden hour is the hour before sunset.

I spend my day at the office focusing on facts, analysis, crafting legal arguments.  I deal with petty office politics, avoid those I don’t care for, and court favor with those I do.  I attend committee meetings and client meetings and depositions and hearings.  I write briefs, pleadings and professional articles.  I take client calls and conference calls.  I scour contracts for loopholes and alternative language.

My day is added up in 6 minute increments and ruthlessly accounted for.  I can tell you how much time I spend in the bathroom or getting tea every day.

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Heading For The Altar

Blog Nosh Magazine Art and Design

Originally published on Kellan Studios.

We booked Kristen’s wedding last fall, for the upcoming fall. Not only is she incredibly funny, but she gets the award for most patient “bride to be”. I say that because during our consultation she got a phone call from her fiance. Not unusual, except that he was calling from Djibouti, Africa. Charles was finishing out his last few months with the military over in Africa. I am constantly amazed at technology that she was chatting away with him in our living room and he is almost 1/2 way around the world!

We were so excited that they wanted to book an engagement session so we could meet the illusive Charles. He was just how we expected him to be, incredibly witty! We had soooo much fun with this couple shooting around downtown and Old City Cemetery. We did not have to try hard to get them to laugh. In fact, it was just the opposite, trying to get them to be serious!

Can I make a personal note? This couple is TALLLLLLL! Charles is 6’4” and Kristen is 6’0…but had four inch heels on and Ryan is 6’6”. My vertical is 5’2”. I felt like the little sister that was tagging along 16 inches below! Luckily, they let me play too.

Here are some of my favorites from our blisteringly hot session.


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Pinch Me!

Blog Nosh Magazine Art and Design

Originally published on emilie inc. photography.

I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited for today! I
popped out of bed early for one final cleaning of the studio and a few
last minute additions to the walls before the art walk.
At 10a, the balloons and signs went up outside my door, and I started
distributing stickers on each visitor’s map- those who received a
sticker from each studio was entered to win a raffle.

I would
say, in the 6 hour span of the walk, I easily had 100 visitors. I was
very humbled by the kind people, many of whom gasped when they rounded
the corner at the top of the stairs and peeked in the studio (a few
asked if they could move in!). Everyone offered their congratulations
and “welcome to the neighborhood,” as well as tips for great brunch
spots and neighborhood organizations to join. Mothers with
not-yet-engaged daughters tucked my business cards into their purses
with a wink. People marveled at the artwork, the beautiful light in the
space, and the yummy cupcakes (yes, the mini version of my birthday
party treats- I’m hooked!). It was a long day, but boy, what a great
way to introduce emilie inc. to the East End and kick off the official
wedding season.

Once the tour wrapped up, J and I headed to
dinner at Flatbread with the emilie inc. associates and their families.
What a treat to spend an evening with Geneve, Steve & Sage, and
Wyndee, Pete, Olivia & Chloe. Really looking forward to working
with you!

Here are a few pictures of today’s set-up with the
studio’s finished look! Some of you may recognize photos of yourself on
my walls!


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The [b] School – All Time Favourite Wedding Images

Art design

Originally posted at [b]ecker’s Blog.

I was recently chatting with some friends at a party, and I was asked if I knew what my favorite wedding image was. I laughed at the notion that I could ever narrow it down to a single frame, but it did get me thinking of some of the more memorable images I’ve captured over the years, and today I’d like to share with you 20 of my all time favorite wedding photographs. Of course, if you ask me tomorrow, I may have a completely different set of images. I am always striving to create better images that capture moments in time that the subjects will cherish forever.

I define my style of photography, as capturing relaxed portraits, amazing details and real moments. I feel these images do a good job representing my abilities in doing just that.

These first few images are scans from back in the film days… the 90′s!

I absolutely still love this portraits of a bride from July of 1999. Her expression was real, and she was just a gorgeous person inside and out.



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