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Story Bleed Magazine is now accepting submissions for both our ONLINE and PRINT editions.  The majority of the content on Story Bleed Magazine comes directly from you through self-submissions.

All submissions are handled through our Submissions Manager.  Use the Submissions Manager form to submit your most intriguing, entertaining, and compelling original memoirs, essays, fiction, poetry, artwork, and photography directly to the Story Bleed Magazine Editors.

Guidelines for consideration in our online edition of Story Bleed Magazine:

  • Story Bleed accepts original unpublished and previously published work. Please follow all guidelines on the Submissions Manager form.
  • Submitted posts should no longer appear on your front page. If they do, please note when you expect them to fall into your archives.  There are plenty “best of the week” blogs out there.  We want to feature those old posts of yours that didn’t get enough exposure.
  • We republish your post in full or edit for content (with notice for permission), however you retain all copyright.
  • If your post is coming from a group blog, make sure that you have permission to republish your work outside of that blog.
  • If photos in your post are not your own, please link them to their source or note credit, whenever possible.  We reserve the right to remove or replace photos originally included in your post and will share all edits with you for approval prior to publication.
  • Please submit no more than two posts before you receive a response.  Submitting multiple posts dilutes our ability to focus on your best work and will delay publication.

If you woud like your work primarily considered for our print edition, please direct your submission to our Print Submissions Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be contacted by an editor after I’ve submitted a post for consideration? We try to respond to each submission in a timely manner.  If you have not heard from an editor within six weeks of submitting your work, please contact us at

What happens if my post is accepted for publication? Once your post is reviewed and selected by an editor, your editor will contact you with suggested edits or simply with notification of pending publication.  This is your opportunity to work with your editor to update your post, polish and improve it, or grant approval for it to be published as is.

Each post will include links back to your blog and original blog post, as well as a button for readers to directly subscribe to your blog, even if they don’t actually click through to it directly.
We are in the business of sending our audience to you.

Who retains copyright? You retain all copyright. We simply publish your post(s) in another venue for a new set of readers to discover. The post is still yours, our role is to help you share it.

Should Story Bleed Magazine be contacted by any media outlet, interviewer, or other third party regarding your post, we will direct them to you for questions. Period.

Will publishing previously published work affect my search engine results? It absolutely might.  Although the content featured on Story Bleed is not generally Google-able (how do you search for “passionate memory/ feeling/ introspection/ rant about completely vague emotion/ personal event/ social ambiguities”?), our prominent ranking may result in a search for your post content returning your feature on Story Bleed above your original post.  If random Google traffic is important to you, please consider submitting a different piece. We don’t want your Google traffic.  Your best stories are generally those that the search engines never notice but that a wider audience deserves to.

Additionally, we encourage all of our featured writers to consider editing their previously published work before publication on Story Bleed.  It is a rare opportunity to strengthen your work, given a little time and perspective.  Ah, don’t you love the writing process?