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Our Letterbox Adventure

Originally posted on Say La Vee

Are you familiar with Letter-boxing?

I wrote about our failed attempt a while ago. Feel free to read about it while I describe our latest excursion.

In a continuing effort to keep the boys from spending 20 hours a
day having their brains sucked dry via electronic devices, we
re-checked the Letter-boxing site to discover the addition of a box buried not far from our home.

The boys welcomed the chance, after a thunder storm, to hop in the car and go in search of said Letterbox.

note: Youngest came downstairs dressed in full pirate
regalia, Middle rejected this costume as “silly,” Youngest reacted by
being appropriately pouty and left his wooden pirate gun, hook and hat at home. His spirits lifted shortly after we pulled out of the driveway.)

With directions in hand, we drove about three miles to a park nearby….

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