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{by Jenica McKenzie}

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The Feel of Color

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As I reach my hand into the bottom drawer of my desk I pull this out:

rice candy
sun room

honey bear
autumn spirit
october leaves

fall song

and this:

blue overtones
a few brave men
movie star
independence day

Paint chips are some of my favorite little objects in the world. I love the matte, powdery feel of the sample. Like just-sanded pine. Soft and smooth, their bookmark shape fits comfortably in the palm. The one (and I have many) labeled with names such as submarine, swamp fog, and fizzle has maroon crayon marks all over it. I can close my eyes and feel the transition from chalky pigment to waxy, bumpy lines. I can sit for hours running my fingers over these bits of color that please not only my eyes, but my fingers, too.

In this same drawer I have a small wallpaper sample book from 1978. Like the paint chips, the pages are not just food for the eyes. These sheets are rich with texture. The page called Williamsburg Fruit is durable and thick. They even suggest taking a hard brush to the orange and green fruits “It’s Scrubbable!”

Learning Curve

Art design

Originally posted on Christine Mason Miller’s blog.


Here’s where it started: a layer of paint.



From there I applied my first layer of papers, which I applied with spray adhesive.



And then I kept going: more paint…


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