The Story Bleed editorial staff, on occasion, hosts Twitter chats to engage with our community of writers and artists. Below are the transcripts from our past twitter chats. Contact marketing@storybleed.com to inquire about sponsoring a Twitter chat with our editorial staff.

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#storiedTYM •  November 11, 2010

Story Bleed Magazine’s first ever open twitter chat with our Editors.
Celebrating the announcement of our new Editorial staff.
Sponsored by Procter & Gamble’s Thank You Mom.

Selected transcribed tweets represent some of our favorite moments during our one hour public chat with the Story Bleed Editors, a discussion that focused on the art and process of writing.  Evidenced by the enthusiastic turnout and engagement, our community craves exploration of the craft of writing.  We look forward to you joining us for our next #storied chat with the Editors!

We recommend scrolling to the bottom and reading your way back up.  

Click here to read the full transcript from the Proctor and Gamble Twitter Chat, #storiedTYM.

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